The farm

Our high quality products are the result of our love for the local territory

Our farm extends for five hectares and contains a cultivation of vineyards and more than 250 olive trees, plants that have characterized the vegetation of Lake Garda for centuries. At the Quercia Belvedere you will have the opportunity to discover the genuineness of our products, tasting them or buying them.

Olive oil

Garda Extra-Virgin Olive Oil has always been universally acknowledged as an exceptional oil, especially when it accompanies certain dishes.

Its freshness and delicacy, combined with very low acidity, have made it an oil loved all over the world.

Garda extra virgin olive oil


The territory of Lake Garda, with its mild climate and its soil of glacial origin, is particularly suited to the cultivation of vines. Here, in fact, the famous Bardolino wine is produced, with the use of native varieties such as Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella.

Veronese Rosé wine

Veronese Red Wine